How much to ship car from texas to floridaHow much to ship car from texas to florida

ship car from texas to florida

Shipping a car from one state to another requires proper planning and budgeting ship car from texas to florida. This article discusses the average costs involved in transporting a vehicle from Texas to Florida via an auto transport company. It covers factors that impact pricing and provides a cost range one can expect to pay.

Tips are also shared on how to save money on shipping. Read on to learn everything you need to know about getting an estimated price quote and booking a transport vehicle.

Factors Impacting Pricing

Several considerations go into determining the price tag for auto shipping:

Method of Transportation

Cars can be hauled via open carriers or enclosed transport trucks. Enclosed protects the vehicle from weather elements but costs more. Open carriers offer less coverage for around 30-40% lower rates.


Longer distances mean higher tolls, fuel costs for the driver. Florida is over 800 miles from Texas, so rates will be on the higher side compared to shorter intrastate moves.

Vehicle Size and Type

Larger vehicles need more space on carriers so prices rise. Luxury brands also tend to have elevated rates. Compacts are the most reasonably priced to ship.

Time of Travel

Summer months see increased demand which drives up tariffs. Avoid mid-June through August for cheaper rates. holidays also lead to premium pricing.

Cost Range for Shipping a Car from Texas to Florida

Vehicle Type Estimated Cost
Compact Sedan $800 – $900
Mid-Size SUV $900 – $1,000
Full-Size Pickup Truck $1,000 – $1,200

The table presents a ballpark cost range for standard enclosed auto transport from Texas to Florida.

Actual rates may differ depending on the other variables listed earlier. But on average, plan to pay within these price brackets based on your vehicle class.

How to Save on Shipping Costs

ship car from texas to florida – Get Multiple Quotes

Compare prices from 3-5 reputable carriers online. Requesting bids increases competition and could help secure a lower rate.

ship car from texas to florida – Book Off-Peak

As mentioned, summer and holiday rush periods see higher demand. Schedule the move for spring or fall for better rates.

Opt for Open Transport

While riskier, open carriers save 30-40% over enclosed options if weather cooperation allows.

Consider DIY or Drive-Away Shipping

Transporting yourself or hiring a driver via drive-away services can cut costs to 60-70% of standard rates based on mileage covered.

ship car from texas to florida – Parting Words:

Relocating a vehicle between Texas and Florida takes careful planning. Using the guidelines presented about factors impacting costs and tips to save provides a good starting point.

Get quotes from reputable shippers, compare and book well in advance to lock down competitive rates for a seamless auto transport experience.