What is a Multi Car Enclosed Trailer?

A multi car enclosed trailer is a utility trailer that can securely haul multiple vehicles within an enclosed space. Enclosed trailers offer protection from weather elements and the threat of theft, making them a popular choice for transporting valuable vehicles over long distances.

In this article, we will explore what a multi car enclosed trailer is, its key features and benefits, common models and sizes available, towing and hauling considerations and more. By the end, you should have a thorough understanding of these versatile trailers and whether one might be right for your vehicle transportation needs.

How Many Cars Can They Hold?

The number of vehicles a multi car enclosed trailer can transport depends on their size and internal configurations but as the name suggests, they allow for hauling multiple cars at once. Common capacities include:

  • 2 Car Trailers: Can haul up to two standard passenger cars or smaller vehicles side by side. Ideal for transporting two cars within a home or to a vehicle auction/sale.
  • 3 Car Trailers: Slightly wider configuration allows hauling three smaller vehicles like motorcycles, ATVs, side by sides etc at once. Good for dealers transporting inventory.
  • 4-5 Car Trailers: Largest multi car enclosed trailers can haul 4-5 full size passenger cars end to end by having wider and deeper interiors. Suited for auto transport companies hauling multiple dealer vehicles.

So in summary, capacities range from hauling 2 cars up to 5 based on trailer size but all provide a much more efficient transport option than making multiple trips with single car trailers.

Enclosed Design Keeps Cargo Safe

The defining trait of an enclosed trailer is the fully enclosed cargo area separated from the exterior environment. They have robust side, front and rear walls/doors built from weather resistant metal or fiberglass composite materials. This enclosed design offers several key advantages over open car haulers:

  • Protection from weather: Rain, snow, wind and sun cannot damage vehicles inside. Ensures deliveries happen as scheduled without delays.
  • Security against theft: With doors that can be securely locked, no one can access your vehicles during transport unlike open trailers. Especially helpful for hauling high value or collector cars.
  • Cargo is out of sight: Opportunistic thieves cannot spot valuables visible from outside. Less attention is drawn to the trailer while parked during transport halts.
  • Controlled environment: Temperature, dust, airborne debris etc have minimal impact on interior of enclosed trailer. Vehicles remain in like-new condition after long hauls.

So whether hauling a single luxury car or multiple dealership vehicles, the enclosed design is invaluable for safely transporting automotive cargo over hundreds of miles.

Trailer Features

Beyond the core enclosed structure, multi car enclosed trailers feature additional components to safely and efficiently haul vehicles:

  • Ramp Door: Integrated rear ramp allows driving vehicles directly inside. Optional electric ramps for easy operation.
  • Lockable Rear Doors: Heavy duty doors at rear can securely lock vehicles inside during transport.
  • Adjustable Tie-Down Tracks: Interior metal tracks allow secure strapping down of each vehicle with ratchet style tie-downs to prevent any unwanted movement.
  • Vapor Barriers and Vents: Sealed trailer protects against moisture but ventilation keeps air circulating to prevent musty odors.
  • Brake Systems: Electric or hydraulic braking installed for increased stopping power and safety when fully loaded.
  • Aluminum or Steel Construction: Lightweight yet durable construction to handle travels across varying terrains and road conditions.
  • LED Lights and Accessories: Newer trailers outfit modern running/brake lights, side markers and other convenience features like interior LED strips.

Top brands like Haulmark, AmeraTrail and Big Tex ensure trailers are built to last with rugged and well-engineered components for worry-free transportation of high-value automotive cargo.

Towing Considerations for Multi Car Haulers

While enclosed trailers provide secure multi vehicle transport, their heavier payload capacities mean owners need to carefully consider towing capabilities:

  • Tow Vehicle: Must have sufficient towing capacity (usually listed as GVWR) to safely handle fully loaded trailer weight which can exceed 10,000 lbs for larger 5 car models.
  • Hitch Class: Requires heavy duty Class V trailer hitches rated for high gross tow weights. Adjusting hitch height is important for proper trailer alignment.
  • Braking Systems: Electric or hydraulic braking ensures safe stopping with fully loaded trailers. May require brake controller installation in tow vehicle.
  • Tire Ratings: Trailer tires need to be properly inflated and rated (usually ST or LT load range) to handle maximum weights without failure risks.
  • Speed Limits: Heavier rigs should not exceed posted speed limits and slow for turns/curves. Reduce speed in adverse weather too for stability.

Choosing the right tow vehicle is crucial to safely handle a multi car trailer’s significant loaded weight. Plan braking and handling needs in advance to legally and safely tow multiple enclosed vehicles at once.

Common Models and Sizes

With capabilities ranging from 2 to 5 vehicle capacities, enclosed trailers come in various configurations to meet specific transportation needs:

  • 2-Car Enclosed: Overall lengths from 18-24 ft, widths 7-8.5 ft. Suitable for smaller dealerships or individual transport.
  • 3-Car Enclosed: Expand to 25-28 ft lengths by 8.5-10 ft widths to fit 3 side by side vehicles or 2 large cars plus small vehicle(s).
  • 4-Car “Gooseneck” Enclosed: With front mounted pivoting gooseneck towing, they reach 30+ ft lengths and 10-12 widths for carrying 4 cars end to end.
  • 5-Car Enclosed: Largest versions over 40 ft long by 102″ wide. Rear ramps over 10 ft for stable backing of full size vehicles.

Manufacturers also sell tandem axle models for towing capacities exceeding 12,000 lbs and units equipped with living quarters or garages for longer hauls. Versatility is key to properly transporting differing vehicle quantities and dimensions.

Cost Considerations

While enclosed trailers offer benefits over open haulers, their reinforced construction and payload capacities do involve higher initial investments:

  • Two Car Enclosed: Range from $8,000 to $15,000 new depending on brand, features and axle amounts.
  • Three Car Enclosed: $12,000 to $18,000 is typical price range for 25-28ft triple axle models.
  • Four Car and Five Car: Larger gooseneck or bigger multi vehicle trailers can cost $18,000 up to $30,000 or higher for high end equipment.

In addition to the purchase price, remember yearly license/registration fees, as well as occasional service and replacement of components like tires, brakes and lighting over the trailer’s lifespan. Fully enclosing also a trailer also reduces resale value compared to open versions.

Overall though, enclosed trailers remain cost effective for auto transport needs requiring high security and protection of valuable or collectible vehicles during long distance hauls between dealers, auctions and client deliveries. The enclosed cargo area pays off in reduced scheduling risks from weather issues and gives peace of mind from theft concerns during transport stops.

Maintenance and Care Tips

With proper regular maintenance, multi car enclosed trailers can provide years of dependable transportation of automotive cargo. Some basic tips:

  • Inspect tires for proper inflation and look for irregular wear indicating alignment issues.
  • Ensure trailer bearings are properly lubricated and not overheating during transport runs.
  • Check all lights, wiring harnesses, and electric components are functioning correctly.
  • Clean and lubricate ramp door hinges/rollers for smooth operation.
  • Touch up paint nicks and scratches to prevent rust damage to exterior.
  • Store trailer parked on level ground when not in use to prevent flat spots on tires.
  • Secure with wheel chocks when storing/parking long term for additional stability.
  • Wash trailer exterior periodically with pH neutral soap to remove dirt/road grime.

Performing periodic maintenance yields longevity from enclosed car haulers used for continuous long distance vehicle transports. Detecting small issues before they become expensive repairs pays off over the life of the investment.

In Conclusion

In summary, a multi car enclosed trailer provides a secure, weatherproof and theft-resistant method for transporting multiple vehicles at once over long distances. Despite higher initial costs than open haulers, proper maintenance and use yields transport savings versus repetitive single vehicle trips.

Owning or leasing enclosed trailers allows vehicle dealerships, transport companies and individuals to efficiently relocate inventories or personal vehicles between locations under protected conditions. Just be sure tow vehicles can handle maximum loaded trailer weights and observe relevant towing guidelines for safe over-the-road hauling.

With capacities ranging from two to five vehicles, enclosed car haulers aim to maximize cargo loads through versatile configurations. Choosing the appropriately sized model matches transport needs whether for small dealer lots or major auto auctions. Proper specification fits towing gear, cargo characteristics and towing routes for legal and trouble-free highway transports.

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