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How to ship a vehicle to Africa?

Shipping your own vehicle to various destinations in Africa can seem like a tough challenge. However, with proper planning and utilizing the right solutions, it is very possible to get your car, truck, motorcycle or other vehicle delivered safely. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk through the entire process step-by-step to make shipping to Africa a breeze Car Transport Vehicle.

Choosing a Reliable Shipping Company

The first major decision is selecting a reputable vehicle shipping company. When shipping overseas, it is crucial to choose a company with extensive experience in African ports and proven logistics solutions. Some key things to look for include:

  • Africa Expertise – Make sure they regularly ship vehicles to your destination country and surrounding regions. Ask how long they have been operating in Africa.
  • Modern Fleet – Inspect photos of their vessel types like RoRo, LoLo or specialty car carriers. Newer vessels tend to be safer and more reliable.
  • Positive Reviews – Read online testimonials and check rating websites. Pay attention to any recurring praise or complaints.
  • Door-to-Door Service – Opt for a full-service provider that can arrange pickup, delivery and customs paperwork end-to-end.
  • Insurance Options – Quality shipping companies offer cargo insurance to cover damage or losses during transit.

A few top vehicle shipping companies to Africa that meet these high standards include DSV, Kuehne + Nagel, MAERSK and Safmarine. Get quotes from 3-4 options before deciding.

Preparing Your Vehicle for Transport

With the right company lined up, focus shifts to vehicle preparation. The goal is to make it as secure and protected as possible for the long ocean journey. Some key prep steps:

  • External Cleaning – Wash and dry the exterior thoroughly to prevent corrosion in the salty air.
  • Fluid Drainage – Empty gasoline, drain oil and coolant. Replace fluids after arrival.
  • Loose Items Removed – Clear out stuff like floor mats, tools and accessories that could shift.
  • Windows & Hood Taped – Use special tape approved by the shipper. This seals areas prone to water and dust intrusion.
  • Tires Deflated – Let air out of tires slightly to take pressure off suspension during transport. Reinflate after arrival.
  • Battery Disconnected – Avoid potential short circuits or drain by storing the battery separately.

With the vehicle prep complete as per the shipper’s guidelines, it is time for the crucial paperwork work.

Arranging Necessary Shipping Documents

Organizing documentation properly is a key compliance task to avoid delays or fines. Here are the normal docs required:

  • Commercial Invoice – To declare the contents, value and other shipment details required by customs.
  • Packing List – Itemizing all parts/components being shipped, especially for motorcycles or partially disassembled vehicles.
  • Bill of Lading – Acts as a contract between shipper and carrier covering pickup, transit and delivery.
  • Certificate of Origin – Confirms the country where the vehicle was manufactured.
  • Value Declaration Form – To establish the vehicle’s worth for import duties based on original MSRP.
  • Power of Attorney Form – Gives the shipping agent authorization to handle customs clearance.
  • International Driving Permit – Useful to have on hand in case needed after arrival depending on destination country driving laws.
  • Insurance or Surety Bond – Documents covering cargo value for customs processes.

Plan to submit all docs to the shipper well in advance of the scheduled pickup date for loading onto the designated vessel.

Loading onto the Departing Cargo Ship

Finally, the big day arrives to have your ride loaded onto the cargo ship. Here is what usually unfolds:

  • Pickup scheduling – Confirm arrival time window with the designated driver/truck.
  • On-site inspection – Agent examines vehicle condition/prep and ensures paperwork is complete.
  • Blocking & bracing – Vehicle is securely fastened to the cargo deck using industrial straps and padded braces.
  • Seal application – Security seal is attached spanning the vehicle and trailer connecting points.
  • Tracking info provided – Receive Bluetooth tracker (optional), mobile app access or shipment reference number.
  • Departure schedule – Get estimated arrival dates based on port rotations and weather conditions.
  • Voyage monitoring – Track location via updates integrated into some modern shipping booking platforms.

With luck, sun and open seas permitting – your ride will be delivered overseas within the projected time frame!

Arrival, Customs and Delivery

When the ship docks at the destination African port, the completion process involves:

  • Customs inspection – Agents verify shipment matches paperwork/seals and collect any applicable import duties.
  • Delivery coordination – Confirm handover details like location based on the port’s exit logistics Car Transport Vehicle.
  • Condition evaluation – Inspect for any issues upon unloading and note on reports immediately.
  • Final payment clearance – Settle outstanding balance and obtain release forms from the freight forwarder.
  • Driving away! – After inspection and payments, you are free to drive out with your new international wheels.

Some ports like Durban and Cape Town streamline these processes pretty efficiently. However, always plan a buffer of 2-4 days for potential delays and be on standby to assist your clearing agent as required.

Cost Considerations & Budgeting

Shipping a vehicle internationally is not cheap, but with diligent planning it can fit most budgets. Here are some average cost ranges to factor in:

  • Freight Rate – $1,500 to $3,500 depending on size/weight and destination from US/EU ports.
  • Terminal & Handling Fees – $300 to $800 covering loading/unloading and on-dock access times.
  • Documentation Charges – $200 to $400 for processing customs forms, power of attorney etc.
  • Insurance Premium – 1% to 2% of insured cargo value for marine cargo insurance.
  • Import Duty – 5% to 30% of original MSRP value assessed by destination country customs.
  • Storage & Demurrage – $50 to $100 daily charges if delays occur holding vehicle at the port.

Do your research and get accurate quotes well ahead of scheduling a shipment date. With advance prep, you can typically ship a vehicle internationally for $3,000 to $5,000 all-in to most African markets.

Alternative Options – Driving or Flying

If the direct shipping costs seem too high, a couple of other consideration options exist:

  • Fly Vehicle Parts – Disassemble high-value components and fly them as air cargo with you on a cheaper flight internationally. Reassemble upon arrival. Risky, but can cut costs significantly versus flying whole car.
  • Storage & Ship Later – Keep vehicle in home country until your initial relocation and trips stabilize, then ship it over in 6-12 months when budgets allow dedicated transport.
  • Drive It Yourself – For adventurous souls, the overland route driving through Europe and ferrying across the Mediterranean Sea to arrive through North Africa can be an epic experience. However, it requires serious planning, paperwork and vehicle durability Car Transport Vehicle.

Overall, vehicle shipping overseas direct from origin port remains one of the safest and most reliable solutions compared to alternatives like flying or self-driving – especially for valuable modern vehicles.

Africa Vehicle Shipping – The Complete Process Recap

To summarize the end-to-end vehicle transport process to African destinations:

  1. Research & Select a reputable international shipping company
  2. Prepare vehicle interior/exterior per shipper guidelines
  3. Compile all required import/export documentation
  4. Schedule pickup time and inspection with driver
  5. Secure loading onto designated cargo vessel
  6. Track estimated arrival using online platforms
  7. Coordinate customs clearance and delivery logistics
  8. Inspect vehicle and clear any duties or fees owed
  9. Drive off into your new African adventure!

With thorough planning and utilizing an experienced car carrier, shipping a vehicle across oceans and continents is very achievable. Careful organization and checking items off this comprehensive process checklist will result in a smooth voyage. Your beloved ride will be delivered safely to kickstart the next chapter overseas Car Transport Vehicle.

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