Open And Enclosed Motorcycle Shipping Options: Factors To Consider

Motorcycle Shipping

Whether you are relocating to a new city or taking your motorcycle on a long road trip, choosing the right shipping method is important to protect your valuable vehicle. This article will explore the key differences between open and enclosed motorcycle shipping and discuss some factors to consider when selecting one option over the other.

Motorcycle Shipping – Open Shipping

Open shipping, also referred to as exposed shipping, involves transporting motorcycles without complete physical protection. The motorcycle is securely fastened to a carrier or enclosed in a shipping frame, but it is exposed to weather elements during transport. Some key aspects of open shipping include:

  • Less expensive than enclosed shipping since no additional containment structure is needed
  • Motorcycle may be susceptible to damage from rain, debris, dirt or other environmental factors during travel
  • Provides visibility of motorcycle for carrier to easily verify its condition upon arrival
  • May require additional precautions like wrapping or covers for protection against elements

Enclosed Shipping

With enclosed shipping, the motorcycle is fully enclosed in a protective container for the duration of its journey. Popular enclosed shipping methods include using custom wooden crates or specialized motorcycle shipping containers. Here are some characteristics of enclosed motorcycle transport:

  • Offers maximum protection from outside hazards like weather, dust, and debris
  • Motorcycle is shielded from potential damages that may occur during transport
  • More expensive than open shipping due to costs of the protective enclosure
  • Container structure can delay inspection of motorcycle upon arrival compared to open shipping
  • Appropriate method for transporting antique, classic or high-value motorcycles requiring pristine condition

Factors to Consider

When choosing between open or enclosed motorcycle transport, there are several aspects transporters must carefully evaluate:

Type of Motorcycle

The style of motorcycle plays a key role. Street bikes can often withstand elements adequately using open shipping. However, showroom condition is paramount for antique, limited edition or high-performance sport bikes, making enclosed shipping preferable. Museums or collectors would nearly always opt for full enclosure of rare classic motorcycles.

Motorcycle Shipping – Transportation Distance

Longer distance shipments spanning several days justify the additional cost of enclosed shipping due to heightened risk of damage during extended exposure. Regional or short-haul moves may do well with open transport. Transporters must balance financial factors with length of journey and associated dangers.

Time Sensitivity

Urgency of delivery timeframe also influences the decision. Enclosed shipping guarantees protection but takes marginally more time for inspection and loading/unloading. Those requiring fastest receipt may accept minor open shipping risks to save precious hours. However, time benefits rarely outweigh protecting an expensive one-of-a-kind bike.

Motorcycle Shipping – Value of Motorcycle

Value Recommended Shipping Type
$5,000 or less Open shipping may suffice unless high risks are present
$5,000 to $15,000 Either open or enclosed options could work based on other factors
Over $15,000 Enclosed shipping strongly recommended for top-tier protection

In summary, while open shipping has advantages in cost and transparency, enclosed transport provides maximum security especially for costly collectible machines. Given modern environmental conditions and hazards during transport, full enclosure is increasingly becoming the safest choice for high-value motorcycles. Ultimately weighing all factors assists transporters and owners in selecting the ideal shipping technique suited to their unique needs.

We hope this overview provided valuable insights on open and enclosed motorcycle shipping solutions. Please feel free to contact us if you need assistance arranging transport for your prized two-wheeled vehicle. Safety of your motorcycle is our highest priority as we strive to offer convenient and affordable transportation services tailored to your specifications.