Is There A Way To Save Money On Car Transport In Canada?

Car Transport In Canada

Car transport can be an expensive prospect, especially if you need to ship a vehicle across Canada. However, with some research and effort, it is possible to find cheaper options and save on transport costs. This article will explore several ways to reduce the price of having your car delivered by truck or trailer.

Compare Multiple Quotes

Getting quotes from multiple transport companies is one of the best ways to find a more affordable rate. Prices can vary significantly between providers depending on distance, vehicle size, transport method and other factors. Make sure to get at least 3 quotes to find the best deal.

Things to consider when comparing quotes:

  • Cost per mile or kilometre
  • Additional fees like fuel surcharges, permits, insurance
  • Type of transport (enclosed, open) and equipment used
  • Availability, estimated transit times
  • Reviews and reputation of the carrier

Car Transport In Canada Opt for Open Transport vs Enclosed

While enclosed transport provides full protection from weather and damage, open transport on a flatbed trailer is usually more budget-friendly. According to industry sources, open transport costs 30-50% less than enclosed per mile. However, it exposes your vehicle to elements like rain, snow or dirt. You’ll need to properly secure and wrap/cover your car.

Consider Slower Delivery Methods

Faster expedited delivery typically costs more than standard time-frame transport. Ask carriers about economy options that may take an extra day or two but come at a lower price. You can also go with cheaper surface transport instead of faster rail if your schedule allows. Another semi-option is transporting yourself in a rental truck/trailer to avoid carrier fees.

Negotiate Based on Volume

If you need to ship multiple vehicles together to the same location, you may be able to negotiate a volume discount from the transport company. Larger brokers also tend to offer slightly cheaper rates than smaller independents due to their higher business volume. Try bargaining with them to see if you can get a better deal.

Search Online Auction and Brokerage Sites

Alternative options like transport-specific auction websites and online brokerage marketplaces allow carriers to bid competitively for loads. You can often find cheaper rates through these third-party platforms compared to direct carrier bookings. However, it’s important to thoroughly research companies and read reviews before choosing a transporter.

Drive and Drop Off Partial Routes Yourself

Driving part of the route yourself and then dropping the vehicle off halfway can cut costs versus a fully managed transport. You’ll pay the carrier only for the remaining mileage. Make sure to coordinate handover logistics carefully to avoid delays or additional fees. Going this hybrid route requires flexibility but could yield worthwhile savings.

Car Transport In Canada Time it Right

Transport demand and rates vary depending on the season and day of the week. You may find better pricing in the spring/fall shoulder seasons versus peak summer. Mid-week bookings also tend to be cheaper than last-minute weekend requests. Shop rates over different dates to choose the most opportune and affordable window for your move.

Car Transport In Canada Ask About Special Offers and Loyalty Discounts

Larger transport brokers and carriers occasionally run time-bound promotions that could lower your costs. It also doesn’t hurt to politely ask if they offer any loyalty program benefits or multi-trip discounts if you may need future shipments. Being a return customer may help you negotiate better rates.

Consider Seasonal/Student/Veterans Discounts

Some companies provide special pricing for seasonal moves during non-peak travel months or to students relocating. Military veterans are also eligible for discounts with select transport brokers and carriers. Check company websites or ask about any such offers you could qualify for to maximize savings.

Car Transport In Canada Pay with Cash or Wire Transfer for Additional Discount

Unlike credit cards that charge processing fees, cash payment is cheaper for transporters to accept. You may be able to get an extra 2-5% discount for settling charges via cash, bank draft or wire transfer instead of plastic. Just make sure to thoroughly review paperwork and confirm receipt of funds.

Doing thorough research and comparing multiple options are key to reducing car transportation costs in Canada. Being flexible on transport methods, timing and inclusion of self-drive portions can significantly cut bills. Taking advantage of available promotions, volume deals or special offer categories are other ways save on an otherwise expensive moving expense. With some effort, affordable car shipping solutions can be found.