How much does it cost to ship a car from Miami, FL to New York, NY?

ship a car from Miami, FL to New York, NY

Shipping a vehicle from one coast of the United States to the other requires careful planning and comes with certain costs ship a car.

This article will explore the various factors that determine car shipping rates from Miami to New York and provide an estimated price range for making this long-distance move.

Methods of car transportation

There are generally two primary methods for shipping a car across the country – enclosed transport and open transport.

Enclosed transport involves your vehicle riding in an enclosed truck trailer or container along with other vehicles.

Open transport secures your car to a carrier along with others and exposes it to the elements during transit.

Enclosed transport – ship a car

Enclosed transport offers protection from things like rain, debris, and other hazards your vehicle might encounter on the open road.

Vehicles are protected inside a secure trailer or container. This is usually the more expensive option but provides peace of mind. It’s generally a good choice if you’re transporting a high-value or classic car.

Open transport

With open transport, vehicles are secured directly to the transport carrier with straps or tie-downs.

While less expensive, vehicles may accumulate minor road grime or scratches from debris during the long-distance journey.

Open transport is usually fine for regular passenger vehicles being moved from point A to point B.

Factors influencing prices

Several factors play a role in determining car shipping rates from Miami to New York:

Factor Impact on Price
Method of transport (enclosed vs open) Enclosed transport costs more than open transport
Type of vehicle Small cars tend to cost less than larger SUVs or trucks
Delivery date/timeframe Rush fees apply for expedited delivery within days
Direct vs multi-stop transport Direct from origin to destination costs less than a multi-stop route
Time of year Peak seasons in summer and winter are more expensive

Estimated cost from Miami to New York

Based on the typical costs of shipping a mid-sized sedan from Miami to New York without expedited service, here is an estimated price range you can expect to pay:

  • $800-1,000 for open carrier transport
  • $1,200-1,500 for enclosed transport in a commercial truck trailer

Keep in mind these rates can vary depending on your vehicle and time of year. Shipping in the peak summer season when demand is higher may cost 15-20% more on average. Larger luxury vehicles or specialty/classic cars would incur a surcharge as well.

For door-to-door service, you can usually expect delivery within 7-10 business days once your vehicle is picked up.

Getting multiple quotes – ship a car

The best way to find the most competitive rate for shipping your car from Miami to New York is to obtain quotes from several reputable transport companies. Research options online, compare services offered, and look for companies with experience in long-distance auto relocation.

Asking questions and explaining your needs will help ensure you get an accurate price estimate tailored to your specific vehicle and shipping timeframe.

With careful planning and by soliciting competitive bids from auto transporters, you should be able to safely and securely ship your car from Miami to New York for a fair price within the estimated cost ranges provided.

Proper preparation and selecting a trusted carrier go a long way in having a positive shipping experience.